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Hello, Welcome, and Thank You

Posted on November 18, 2015 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I am so excited that I am moving right along on my website.  I have the first soap listed, it was really an expirement to see if it would work.  Imagine my glee when it actually worked.  Thoughts of buying a bar of soap just to test the e-commerce applicaton portion of the web site was really tempting.

So, Hello, it is so wonderful that you found us.  Yes this is a combined web site, if things change I may split them into two, only time will tell.  

Welcome, to all of you who know us or have stumbled upon us.  Enjoy looking around.  If there is a product or service that you are interested in or do not see listed please send us note via the contact us form.  I hope that our products exceed your expectations.  Please keep in mind that everything is made in small batches so there is not a large inventory on any one item.  This allows our products to always be at the peek of freshness when they are made, and thus when you receive them.  There will be old favorites, and monthly there will be a small soap batch that will be featured, and once it is gone, it is gone.  If it is super popular it may be added to the favorites list.

The Zentangle (R) Services are split by the number of guests (don't forget to visit the "Come Tangle With Me!" website for more information), and finally the Healing Services are listed by time.  As with the Bath and Body products let us know if you have any questions.  The website address is  

Thank You, I am pleased that you took time out of your day to look around.  If you purchased something, youhave so many choices afforded to you that my gratitude is great.  I hope we exceed your expectations and that you become a loyal guest and friend.

I will be journalling about products and services, keeping you updated on sales events and craft shows, and in general just blabbing about what may be on my mind.

Enjoy!  I hope we get to meet in person.